2021 International® WorkStar® Base

Year: 2021

Manufacturer: International®

Model Name: WorkStar®

Trim Name: Base

Generic Type (Primary): Conventional without Sleeper

Engine: Cummins® B6.7 | Cummins® L9

Engine Power: Cummins® B6.7: 200 – 300 HP | Cummins® L9: 260 – 380 HP

Engine Torque: Cummins® B6.7: 520 – 800 lb.-ft. | Cummins® L9: 720 – 1,250 lb.-ft.

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2021 International® WorkStar® Base

2021 International® WorkStar®

Features may include:


Remote Diagnostics. Reinvented.

  • The first of its kind, OnCommand™ Connection keeps you in the know and your fleet on the road with innovative remote diagnostics that relay real-time truck performance monitoring, alerts, health reports and even action plans.

Over-the-air programming.

  • Allows two-way engine communication and secure wireless engine reprogramming to optimize the performance of your vehicle, all while reducing service trips and downtime.


A lightweight heavyweight.

  • With its single-frame rail system, you'll enjoy a responsive lighter weight chassis that still delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio plus easier chassis modifications.

Higher power.

  • With available radiator placement above the frame rails, you get a cooling system that accommodates uninterrupted front engine power takeoff (FEPTO) for maximum ground clearance and durability in both on- and off-road environments.

Extend your capabilities.

  • A single-frame rail system, including a 3.35 rbm single frame rail that gives multiple options. Available front frame extensions easily modify your application, moving the bumper forward for mounting pumps, winches and other equipment.


Any extreme. Any time.

  • Year-round jobs demand year round performance. Clear sightlines offer improved visibility in harsh environments. Available heated windshields prevent snow and ice accumulation on wipers and cowl.

Off road. On site.

  • Standard set-forward and set-back axle configurations give you up to 50-degree wheel cut for maximum maneuverability both on the street and in rugged environments.


Air disc brakes.

  • An available option for both front and rear applications, air disc brakes provide shorter, surer stops, better braking feel and more braking power for improved safety. All while offering longer lining and rotor life and requiring less maintenance.

Electronic stability control

  • Available electronic stability control ensures HX® Series vehicles maintain steadiness and steerability during heavy brake applications and braking on slippery surfaces. Providing drivers with improved safety and greater confidence behind the wheel.


Cummins® B6.7 | Cummins® L9


Engine Power
Cummins® B6.7: 200 - 300 HP | Cummins® L9: 260 - 380 HP


Engine Torque
Cummins® B6.7: 520 - 800 lb.-ft. | Cummins® L9: 720 - 1,250 lb.-ft.


Drive System
4x2/4x4 SFA | 4x2/4x4 SBA | 6x4/6x6 SFA | 6x4 SBA | 8x6 SBA


Eaton Manual: 6-speed | Eaton UltraShift Automated Manual: 5-speed or 6-speed | Eaton Procision: 7-speed | Allison Automatic: 5-speed, 6-speed Highway Series, Rugged Duty Series, or Emergency Vehicle Series


Sheppard Power


Brake System Type
Air Brake With ABS


Front Suspension
Taper leaf Spring: 8,000 - 23,000 lbs. | Multi leaf Spring: 16,000 - 20,000 lbs.


Rear Suspension
VariRate Spring(s): 18,500 - 31,000 lbs. | Air Ride: 20,000 - 69,000 lbs. | Walking Beam: 34,000 - 52,000 lbs.


160 - 325 Amp




128 - 262"


BBC: 107"/ 132" /150"


27,500 - 73,000 lbs.


Gross Combined Weight Rating
52,000 - 140,000 lbs.


Fuel Capacity
40 - 200 Gallon Total Capacity


Axle Capacity, Front
Meritor: 10,000 - 22,000 lbs. | Dana Spicer: 10,000 - 22,000 lbs. | Fabco: 8,000 - 16,000 lbs.


Axle Capacity, Rear
Single | Tandem | Tridem


Frame Type
80,000 - 120,000 PSI Rating High Strength, Low-Alloy Steel


Horizontal Aftertreatment, Horizontal Tail Pipe | Switchback Horizontal Aftertreatment, Horizontal Tail Pipe | Switchback Horizontal Aftertreatment, Vertical Tail Pipe | Switchback Vertical Aftertreatment, Vertical Tail Pipe


Cab Construction
Day Cab | Extended Cab | Crew Cab


Cabover Interior
Deluxe | Premium | Eagle

Lights and Safety

Headlight Type
Bright or Halogen


Models: 7300, 7400 or 7500


Up to Three Batteries